Plumbing Tips for Summer

With increased water usage and the intense Oklahoma heat, summertime can be hard on your home’s plumbing. Here are a few tips to save you from some common plumbing issues this time of year:

  • We know that with summer comes cookouts, but be mindful of what you try to put down your sink. Melon rinds, cornhusks, bones, and fibrous/stringy foods (banana peels, celery, etc.) are just a few things that will harm your garbage disposal, so throw them in the trash instead. When you do run your garbage disposal, turn the cool water on for a few seconds before and after to help ease the waste down the disposal.
  • Replace showerheads and faucets with low-flux fixtures. This quick fix will save water, and thus money on your water bill, without changing your water pressure.
  • Another easy tip for conserving water during these summer months is to set your lawn timer to water before sunrise or after sunset. This small change, in addition to positioning the sprinklers away from driveways, streets, mailboxes, etc., will reduce water usage without sacrificing the health of your lawn.
  • If you are leaving town for more than just a day or two, turn down the temperature of your water heater to save money on your bill.
  • More outdoor fun equals more action for your washing machine. To prevent damage to your machine, check the hoses for ruptures and bulges. Also, turn the valves on and off to check for leaks. If you find any leaks or ruptures, give us a call.

We hope these tips help you save money and energy! If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 405-364-1001.

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